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20 December 2003, AVS hosted the China AV Industry Forum' 2003 in Beijing

September 11, 2003 Professor Gao Wen, Executive Vice President from GSCAS had a report on the researching and developing of Audio Video Coding Standard (AVS) to the President of GSCAS Lu Yongxiang.

August 1, 2003 Shenzhen held the 1st Shenzhen AVS Industry Forum

July 30, 2003 Beijing held the 1st AVS Industry Forum

On July 12, 2003 Beijing held the AVS Assessing Meeting

On March 20, 2003 Beijing held the Chinese Sign Language Synthesis donation ceremony

The Application Assessing Meeting of "Chinese Sign Language Synthesis System" was held in Beijing

Compunicator Technology - Integration of Personal Computing and Mobile Computing Technologies was awarded the Second Class Prize of National Science and Technology Advancement which was researched by JDL

Human face detection and recognition system successful used in 16th party congress and continuously used in the two sessions

Important Breakthrough of State "863" plan project - Face Image Recognition technology used in 16th Party Congress

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