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I personally like doing scientific researches. And I believe science should be simple and elegant. Actually, I also believe that we human beings should be as simple and elegant as scientific laws. Please visit the website of VIPL group for more information.

I am mainly focused on the following research topics:

·        Face/Pedestrian detection and tracking

·        Facial landmark localization, face alignment

·        Face recognition/verification

·        Facial attribute analysis (age, gender, expression... )

·        Face cartoonize, performance-driven face animation

·        Head-shoulder image analysis (hairstyle, clothes, ...)

·        Face recognition under unconstrained conditions (variations in pose, lighting, aging and misalignment)

·        Subspace learning, discriminant analysis

·        Manifold learning, manifold-manifold distance

·        Ensemble learning (Boosting, Bagging, ...)

·        Local visual modeling

·        Texture analysis and classification