Xiaobiao Wang's Personal Homepage


Xiaobiao Wang (王晓彪)

Email : xbwang@ict.ac.cn ; xbwang@jdl.ac.cn

Tel : +86 10 8264 9008
Fax: +86 10 8264 9298
Mailing address:
Digital Technology Laboratory
Institute of Computing Technology,
P. O. Box 2704#, Beijing, China     100080

Xiaobiao Wang received his B. S. degree in applied mathematics in July, 1988, and M. S. degree in computational mathematics in April, 1994, both from Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China.

I had ever been a lecturer in higher mathematics and a research assistant in military operations research, prior to joining the ICT (Institute of Computing Technology), CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences). Now I am a research assistant in the JDL(Joint Research & Development Lab).

My research interests include:
● Bioinformatics and Computational biology;
● Pattern recognition algorithms;
● Data mining;
● Applied &computational mathematics(optimization techniques,, numerical solution of differential equations).

My recent research areas are bioinformatics and algorithms design.

● De novo Protein Indentifing by Tandem Mass Spectrum ( MS/MS )

I had published 10 scientific papers in applied &computational mathematics.